Variable Selection and Identification of High-dimensional Nonparametric Additive Nonlinear Systems

时间:2015年10月15日上午10:00   地点:N210

【Abstract】In this talk, we discuss variable selection and identification of dynamic additive nonlinear systems via kernel-based nonparametric approaches, where the number of variables and additive functions may be large. Variable selection aims to find which additive functions contribute and which do not. The proposed variable selection consists of two successive steps. At the first step, one estimates each additive function by kernel-based nonparametric identification approaches without suffering from the curse of dimensionality. At the second step, a nonnegative garrote estimator is applied to identify which additive functions are nonzero by utilizing the obtained nonparametric estimates of each function. Under weak conditions, the nonparametric estimates of each additive function can achieve the same asymptotic properties as for one-dimensional nonparametric identification based on kernel functions. It is also established that the nonnegative garrote estimator turns a consistent estimate for each additive function into a consistent variable selection with probability one as the number of samples tends to infinity.