Complexity and the World it Reveals to Us

主讲人:W. Brian Arthur(Nanyang Visiting Professor, Nanyang Technological University)
时间:2016年10月31日上午9:00-10:00   地点:N204

【Abstract】Desktop computers arrived in the 1980s and opened up a world in which researchers could explore systems that changed as their elements changed their behavior.  Particularly interesting were complex systems, systems in which the elements (says cars in traffic, or stars in a galaxy) alter their behavior according to the pattern they together create. Prof Arthur will discuss how complexity science fits with modern systems thinking, how it alters our ideas of what science is all about, and how it fits with ancient Chinese thinking. 

【CV】W. Brian Arthur has been described by Fortune Magazine as “one of the US’s leading economic thinkers.” He was formerly Morrison Professor of Population Studies and Economics, and Professor of Human Biology, at Stanford University. Arthur is one of the pioneers of the science of complexity and has had a long association with the Santa Fe Institute, (he has served on its Board of Trustees, and its Science Board). He is currently an Advisor to the President of Nanyang Technological University. He is the recipient of the Schumpeter Prize in Economics 1990, and the Lagrange Prize in Complexity Science 2008 (often described as complexity’s Nobel).